Toronto Christmas Bird Count (CBC) at Ashbridges Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant

A Highlight of our CBC Route

Our team in front of watery cells full of ducks. Top: John Carley, Justin Peter, Danny Miles, Owen Strickland, bottom: Dennis Dirigal, Sandra Eadie, Julia Zarankin, Jennifer Smith. Many thanks to Jennifer Smith and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for their cooperation with the CBC.


Left to right: Justin peter, Owen Stirckland, Sandra Eadie, Dennis Dirigal, John Carley and Danny Miles. This is always a steamy place. The bubbling and settling water is warmer than surrounding air. 17 December 2017


Left to right: Owen Strickland, Dennis Dirigal, Jennifer Smith, Julia Zarankin, Sandra Eadie, Danny Miles, Justin Peter.


Owen Strickland (left) counted over 1000 Mallards and Dennis Dirigal counted the Gadwall. 17 December 2017


Ducks feeding and resting in the warm waters of the cells. 17 December 2017


Mallards were the most common duck. Ashbridges Bay Waste Water Treatment Plant on 17 December 2017


One male Northern Pintail was our most uncommon duck this year. 17 December 2017