Leucistic Trumpeter Swan at Bluffers Park in Toronto 2017 and 2018

The cygnet on left is a rare leucistic individual. Its normal sibling is on the right, and one of the parents is in middle. Both parents must be carrying the recessive gene for leucism to be expressed in this individual swan. This family group hatched at Bluffers Park. 23 October 2017.


The leucistic young Trumpeter has bright orange-yellow legs and a pink and white bill. Its plumage is white whereas on a normal young Trumpeter the plumage is grey and the legs greyish.


Both siblings showing the difference between leucism and normal plumage of young Trumpeter swans. 23 October 2017.


Close-up of tag on one of parents. 23 October 2017


Fast Forward to 25 January 2018

The leucistic young Trumpeter continues at Bluffers Park with its sibling and parents on 25 January 2018. It's easily recognized by its all white plumage, bright orange-yellow legs and pink bill, which should turn black. It will be interesting to see what happens to the white mark on the bill. It now has tag T64, whereas its sibling has T61. The family group is still together and spends time at the boat launch area.


LINK to one of T64's leucistic ancestors in 2011