Juvenile Wilson's Phalarope at Ashbridges Bay

This juvenile Wilson's Phalarope has nice even buffy edges on all upperparts feathers. It darted about lunging at insect prey, often going into this striking posture. It has lightening quick movements. Thank you Lynn Pady for finding it and getting the word out. Ashbridges Bay on 17 July 2017.


Video: Wilson's Phalarope chasing and lunging at flies

It stretched its wings every so often. It did not seem bothered by hundreds of volleyball players nearby, loud booming music, jet skis, dogs off leash, children playing and more in  this busy park. 17 July 2017.


Note its bright yellow legs and straight needle-like bill, which is longer than the bills of the two other phalaropes. 17 July 2017.


Many people saw it on 18 July 2017. When I left at about 6:30 p.m., it was still feeding in its preferred spot at the east end of the flooded lagoon. 18 July 2017