Barnacle Goose North of Toronto

Barnacle Goose off Highway 27 north of Schomberg, Ontario on 13 March 2018. Thanks to Donald Gorham for finding it this morning at Schomberg Sewage Lagoons. It flew north just after 12 noon to agricultural fields, where Ron Pittaway refound it at about 1:30 pm. Barnacle Geese in eastern North America probably originate in East Greenland where the population has increased, or Iceland where they first bred in 1964 and the numbers of breeders and over summering individuals are also increasing. These populations winter primarily in Ireland and Scotland. 13 March 2018.

VIDEO: Barnacle Goose near Schomberg

It was with over 500 Canada Geese on both sides of the berm. All the geese had mud-caked feet! The field has short grass with wet areas and small ponds, great habitat for geese. 13 March 2018.


It spent some time in a cornfield beside the grassy field.


Amongst at least 500 Canada Geese. 13 March 2017.