Kinglet Killer - Burdock - Strikes Again at Ashbridges Bay

Four dead Golden-crowned Kinglets trapped in burdock make a sad day at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. How many go unnoticed? 26 October 2018. I tried to clear some burdock after finding these already dead, but there is so much. The deadly plants are either Giant Burdock Arctium lappa or Common Burdock Arctium minus, non-native invasive plants, introduced from Europe.


I went back the next day to clear more. Unfortunately there was one more victim, making a total of 5 dead Golden-crowned Kinglets. 27 October 2018. I posted on Facebook's Ontario Birds and recieved over 400 "likes" and 141 comments. I hope people will act soon to get rid of these horrible plants.


Link to 2017 mortality at Tommy Thompson Park

More information in this article

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