Kumlien's Iceland Gulls at Bluffers Park in Toronto


Here they come! Arctic gulls in Toronto. These are my first of the winter season 2018-2019

Adult Kumlien's with pale eye on the beach. 15 December 2018.


Adult with darker eye at the boat launch. 15 December 2018. The gulls hang out around the boat launch parking lot where people feed the ducks and swans. 15 December 2018.


Third winter Kumlien's at the boat launch. 15 December 2018.


Second winter (?) plumage. It has some grey scapulars. 15 December 2018.


First or second winter {?) plumage. See scapular molt in next photo. 15 December 2018


Same photo as above. Some scapulars and tertials are old and worn. Most are new. Not sure whether it's first or second winter.15 December 2018.