Red-headed Woodpeckers At Sibbald Point


Red-headed Woodpeckers at its nest hole in Sibbald Point Provincial Park, Ontario. In April 2018, the Committee on the Status of  Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) listed this species as Endangered in Ontario.16 June 2018.


Video of Red-headed Woodpecker pair bringing food to young and pounding insects on their anvil

Red-headed Woodpeckers eat a lot of insects such as this hornet. They pound insects on their anvil site to make it easier for the young to digest and possibly to disable stingers like on bees and hornets. 16 June 2018.


They were catching a lot of aerial insects such as this moth.


Both adults made frequent visits to feed the young. 16 June 2018.


The adults went right into the nest hole to feed the young and clean out insect casings.


This Red-headed Woodpecker was flycatching from this perch 16 June 2018.