American Avocets at Holland Landing Lagoons

Five American Avocets of the eight that spent several days at Holland Landing Lagoons in York Region north of Toronto on 24 October 2019. The video shows them swishing their bills back and forth in search of aquatic invertebrates.


VIDEO: Spectacular American Avocets feeding and resting at Holland Landing Lagoons

8 American Avocets from the Prairies were a little off-course on their southbound migration when they showed up at Holland Landing. Sewage lagoons have a high organic base, which creates suitable conditions for the abundant growth of microorganisms, larvae and insects. 24 October 2019.


These large shorebirds are a treat, lifting the spirits of those who see them. They are in winter (non breeding) plumage, first winter birds by their brown tertials and coverts. Holland Landing on 24 October 2019.


Long-legged and long-billed enables American Avocets to feed in deeper water and probe into the muddy base. Holland Landing on 24 October 2019..