Carolina Wren at our Feeders in Toronto

VIDEO 1: We loved our Carolina Wren. It arrived in December 2018 and was perky and alert, bobbing like an American Dipper. 3 February 2019.


Video 2: It fed on suet and a special peanut butter-suet mix that Ron made. December 2018.

VIDEO 3: It also fed on the ground on suet that fell from the suet feeders above. It survived -24C temperatures. 30 January 2019.


It fed many times a day, especially when it was cold.


Our Carolina Wren on 18 December 2018 before the snow.


Carolina Wren in December 2018. it stayed with us almost two months.


Similar to all the other birds, it liked the heated water, especially when it was super cold and everything was frozen. January 2019


We last saw it on the morning of 8 February 2019. We realized something happened to it when we didn't see it at all in the afternoon. We suspect the red squirrel took it. We miss seeing it every day.