Fish Crow at Whitby Harbour

This Fish Crow is at Whitby harbour. It's tame and regularly mingles with Ring-billed Gulls. Ron Pittaway and I saw it on 26 September 2019. Photo above taken on 13 October 2019.


People feed the birds, so the Fish Crow takes advantage. It's smaller than the Ring-billed Gulls, having a smaller bill and shorter legs. Also it vocalizes often and sometimes very softly. 6 October 2019.


On 6 October when it spread its wing, it was in wing molt. There is a mix of old and new primaries so that he diagnostic wing shape could not be seen.


Old and new primaries can be seen in this photo on 6 October 2019. The pier at Whitby Harbour.


Fish Crow at Whitby Harbour on 13 October 2019. It was still at the harbour on 30 October, breaking the Durham late date record for Fish Crow.