Juvenile Marbled Godwit in Toronto

This juvenile Marbled Godwit was at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto on 10 August 2019. Found by Allison Zhang, it was a great attraction.


VIDEO: Marbled Godwit fed constantly in Cell 2, where good shorebird habitat is attracting more shorebirds.

This Marbled Godwit is likely from the Prairie population and is migrating to the southern east coast of the United States. Our James Bay Marbled Godwits cross continental Canada and USA to winter at sites along the Gulf of California, Mexico. There is no evidence that James Bay Marbled Godwits winter in eastern North America. Tommy Thompson Park on 10 August 2019.


It has a gorgeous honey coloured plumage with darker cinnamon under the wing. Its plumage is delicately patterned. The bill is shorter than on an adult, and is bright pink at the base. Tommy Thompson Parki in Toronto on 10 August 2019.