Young Mute Swan in Trouble

Please watch video of this young Mute Swan struggling to reach open water. It couldn't stand. After about 20 minutes it reached open water and looked happier. It swam about and seemed to be coping. Frenchmans Bay in Pickering on 19 February 2019.


Next day, the swan did not look well and it was on the east side of the channel. I showed it in my scope to a gentleman, who immediately left. He walked back to the parking lot on west side, drove around to the east side and walked out to the channel.


The gentleman climbed down towards the swan in the water.


He gathered it up in his arms and took it away. I don't know who he was or if the swan survived. I was touched by his concern for an animal in distress. Frenchmans Bay in Pickering on 20 February 2019.