North American River Otter at Frenchman's Bay in Pickering



VIDEO 1. A North American River Otter fed on many fish at Frenchman's Bay. This large aquatic weasel was successful many times as it brought its prey on the ice to feed. It has a Yellow Perch In the photo above. It must be very speedy and agile to catch so many fish. Frenchman's Bay in Pickering, Ontario, on 24 February 2019.


VIDEO 2.  North American River Otter preening and keeping its coat in good condition. 24 February 2019.


I'm fond of its scientific name Lontra canadensis because it's named after our country, Canada. The French name is Loutre du Canada. River Otters were widespread in North America prior to European settlement, but were extirpated or greatly reduced from many areas. We are very fortunate to have them in the Greater Toronto Area.