Snowy Owls on Amherst Island

VIDEO: Seeing 27 Snowy Owls in one day on Amherst Island was magical and an opportunity to study individual plumage variation, ear tufts and behaviour. 2 January 2019.


VIDEO: For the first time on Amherst Island, Snowy Owls are encountering wind turbines. 2 January 2019.


We saw 20 Snowy Owls south of the fire station on Stella 40 Foot around the fenced area below. Up to 11 at a time congregated inside the fence of this work site. It wasn't a large area. What was so attractive to the Snowys? 2 January 2019.


The Snowys rested during the day, then in the afternoon they scattered looking for prey on the neighbouring fields. 2 January 2019.


Gorgeous almost all white plumage, most likely a male. 3 January 2019.


This owl, probably a female, has neat ear tufts. Link to Ron Pittaway's article Do Snowy Owls Have Ear Tufts? 3 January 2019.


The Snowys perched on fence posts, poles, trees and any perch that gave them a good vantage point. 3 January 2019


Another very pale individual, likely a male. 2 January 2019