Western Kingbird at Desjardins Canal in Dundas near Hamilton

This Western Kingbird was along the banks of the Desjardin Canal in Dundas on 4 November 2019. Found by Doug Welch on 3 November 2019. it was identified by its grey head, white chin, yellow front and white outer tail feathers.  It was still present on 11 November 2019 and the ground is covered with snow (fide Sandy Mackintosh HSA WhatsApp).


The Western Kingbird has very worn and faded pale-edged retained juvenile wing coverts and tertials. It is in first winter (formative) plumage. Desjardins Canal, Dundas on 4 November 2019.


It fed by flying out and catching insects. We also saw it eat fruit from wild grape and European buckthorn. It rested very still for many minutes. We saw it cough up a pellet. Desjardin Canal, Dundas, on 4 November 2019.