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Scroll down for three photos of Cackling Geese at Coyote Pond in Markham, found by Stan Long on 5 October 2004.


In July 2004, the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) split the Canada Goose into two species: the large-bodied forms called Canada Goose (Branta canadensis), and the small-bodied forms called Cackling Goose (Branta hutchinsii). Richardson's Goose is one of the four small subspecies included in the new species called Cackling Goose.

One Canada Goose and three Cackling Geese at Coyote Pond in Markham. These Cackling Geese Branta hutchinsii hutchinsii, are the nominate subspecies, formerly known as Richardson's Canada Goose.


Two Cackling Geese Branta hutchinsii hutchinsii


One Canada Goose and one Cackling Goose.