Bluffers Park in Toronto, Ontario on north shore of Lake Ontario

Kumlien's Iceland Gull in third (winter) basic plumage. Third year birds are the rarest age class in the population. Later this year in the fall this individual will become an adult. Adults and first year birds are the two commonest age class in the population, followed by second year birds, and finally third year birds such as this individual, which are the least common age class as mortality accumulates before adult plumage is reached. 18 February 2008.

Third basic Kumlien's Gull on 18 February 2008

Same third basic Kumlien's Gull showing grayish upper wingtips on 18 February 2008

Kumlien's Gull in definitive basic (adult winter) plumage on 18 February 2008

Same adult Kumlien's Gull as above on 1 March 2008