Kumlien's Iceland Gulls and a Coyote

Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, 15 February 2010

Today at Ashbridges Bay the gulls on the ice suddenly went up. Thinking there might be an eagle overhead, I looked up but quickly looked down because a Coyote was running on the ice. It followed the shoreline of the waste treatment plant, went around the corner and flushed all the gulls that normally are out of sight at the back of the plant.

Suddenly the gulls flushed...

...there was the Coyote.


Left: Adult Herring Gull and on right smaller Kumlien's Iceland Gull. Ashbridges Bay, 15 February 2010.


An Iceland Gull had all white wingtips but a narrow dark line on the outer web of P10. It had a yellow iris. Its all white wingtips are similar to those of nominate glaucoides. Ashbridges Bay 15 February 2010


Left photo: stretched wing appears to have all white wingtips. Right photo: same white wingtips but narrow dark line on outer web of P10

 For more variation in Kumlien's Iceland Gulls, see http://www.jeaniron.ca/Gulls/2010/kumliensgulls.htm