Gull with Yellow Legs at Point Pelee

This adult gull with yellow legs was at the Tip of Point Pelee on 18 May 2011. Its mantle shade was similar to most Ring-billed Gulls and the few Herring Gulls with grey in the mantles. The legs were a rich golden yellow. The red gonydeal spot was not huge, and had a black spot in front of it. We are researching the identity of this gull. I welcome comments. Email


Gull with yellow legs on the East Beach at noon on 18 May 2011.


It was similar in size to the Herring Gulls. 18 May 2011


The orbital ring may be orange.


The original photo by Mark Beaman visiting Point Pelee from England was in focus. It shows the primary pattern. This photo will be replaced when Mark sends the original.