Kumlien's Gulls at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, Ontario


Note: Ron Pittaway and I prefer the name Kumlien's Gull instead of Iceland Gull because we regard Kumlien's as a reproducing hybrid population between nominate Iceland Gull and Thayer's Gull. The variable intermediate appearance of Kumlien's is well shown in photos on my website. The two leading gull handbooks also use Kumlien's Gull when referring to its English name (Howell and Dunn 2007; Olsen and Larsson 2004).

Adult Kumlien's Gull at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto showing pale iris with light flecking. 28 December 2012.


Declan Troy and I spent many hours studying the gulls at Ashbridges Bay and Bluffers Park on 28 December 2012. Here's a selection of the Kumlien's Gulls at Ashbridges Bay in east Toronto where Coxwell Avenue meets Lake Shore Blvd East. There were 12-15 Kumlien's Gulls, though we weren't able to photograph all of them. Scroll down for six photos then go to Page 2: Bluffers Park.

Same gull as above showing limited pale grey pigmentation in the primaries. 28 December 2012.


Adult Kumlien's Gull showing medium amount of grey in the primaries. 28 December 2012.


Good candidate for Thayer's Gull on 26 December 2012.


Probable third winter Kumlien's Gull on 28 December 2012


Second winter Kumlien's Gull on 28 December


Second winter Iceland Gull showing white primaries. 28 December 2012


Now please go to Page 2: Link to Bluffers Park Gulls on 28 December 2012


Link to Declan Troy's flight shots on 28 December 2012