Slaty-backed Gull at Niagara Falls

Near-adult Slaty-backed Gull (right) with larger Great Blacked Gull viewed from the Control Gates at Chippawa above Niagara Falls on 30 December 2012. It was on the rocky island in the River, which is in Canada. It had a paler mantle than Great Black-backed. Note wide tertial crescent and wide trailing edge (skirt) to the secondaries, wider than on Great Black-backed or Lesser Black-backed. Eyes were pale with dark feathering around the eye. Legs were bright pink. The bill has a black mark near the tip, which suggests a young adult. When it raised its wings several times and flew it showed the diagnostic string of pearls.


Our group was: Willie D'Anna, Kim Harquist, Jean Iron, Ross Harris, Kevin McLaughlin, Celeste Morien, Ron Pittaway, Betsy Potter, Declan Troy.