Small Gull Spectacle at Buffalo, New York

Adult Black-headed Gull, left, and Bonaparte's Gulls wintering at Rich Marine Sales and Squaw Island Park in Buffalo, New York, across the Niagara River from Fort Erie, Ontario. 31 January 2012.


An abundance of Emerald Shiners and warmer than usual temperatures have kept Bonaparte's Gulls on the Niagara River this winter, concentrating at Rich Marine and Squaw Island Park. Ternlike, these small gulls plunge-dive head first into the water, completely submerging themselves as they catch minnows. 31 January 2012.


Adult Black-headed Gull on 31 January 2012


Adult Little Gull between Rich Marine and the Squaw Island Park pier on 31 January 2012.


Juvenile/first winter Black-legged Kittiwake at Rich Marine in Buffalo on 11 January 2012.


In January 2012, I made four trips to Rich Marine in Buffalo to watch the gull spectacle. Thanks to Willie D'Anna, Jim Pawlicki and Dave Gordon for showing me this great spot to watch gulls.