Laughing, Sabine's, Little Gulls and More

Laughing Gull in first winter plumage with Ring-billed Gulls on Lake Erie at Wheatley Harbour near Point Pelee. Paul Pratt found this rare gull on 1 October 2015, a great start to the OFO Annual Convention weekend.


It stayed around for several days for everyone to see, hunkering down out of high winds and rain. Maybe the big storm on Lake Erie had something to do with it being here. 1 October 2015.


First winter Laughing Gull at Wheatley Harbour on 2 October 2015.


Juvenile Sabine's Gull on a flooded field at Mersea 2 and 21, near Hillman Marsh. Found by the OFO Young birders outing on 3 October 2015.


Juvenile Sabine's Gull at Mersea 2 and 21 on 3 October 2015. Great views for everyone in the wind and rain.


Dark mantled Herring Gull at Wheatley Harbour on 1 October 2015.


Little Gulls in Barrie on 24 September 2015 - not the greatest photo as they were scope-views out on the bay.