Gull Fans at Niagara Falls

Our group of gull fans got together on the Niagara River on 30 January 2015. Left to right: Willie D'Anna, Wilson NY; Dean DiTommaso, Lackawana NY; Kevin McLaughlin, Hamilton ON; Jean Iron, Toronto ON;  Celeste Morien, Medina NY; Alvaro Jaramillo, Half Moon Bay CA;  Ron Pittaway, Toronto ON; Declan Troy, Anchorage AK; Betsy Potter, Wilson NY; and Ross Harris, Toronto ON.


Black-legged Kittiwake - our best gull

First cycle Black-legged Kittiwake on American side of Canadian Falls. It slept a lot, lifting its head briefly. Spotted by Alvaro Jaramillo. 30 December 2015.


Then it stood and turned around and repositioned itself. Photo quality caused by distance and looking through mist and moisture from the Canadian Falls. 30 December 2015.