More Variation in Iceland and Kumlien's Gulls

Bluffers Park in Toronto

This Iceland Gull was at Bluffer's Park in east end Toronto on1 February 2015. It had immaculate white primaries, its mantle was much paler than the Ring-billed Gulls, and it had very pale eyes. Ron Pittaway and I watched it in flight and its primary tips were immaculate, though I have no flight shots. We consider it a pure Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides glaucoides which breed in Greenland because it shows no characters of a Kumlien's Gull.


Mantle shade comparison with Ring-billed Gulls.


Very pale eye.


Typical adult Kumlien's Gull with dark grey wingtips.


Kumlien's Gull with wingtip pigmentation approaching Thayer's. Its eyes were very dark similar to many Thayer's. 31 January 2015


Adult Kumlien's Gull showing limited dark in the wingtips. See spread wing in next photo. 1 February 2015.


Lower bird with one dark streak is the same bird as in the above photo. 1 February 2015.


Third winter Kumlien's Gull on 31 January 2015.


An interesting-looking second winter Kumlien's Gull on 24 January 2015.


Juvenile Kumlien's Gull with very pale wingtips. 31 January 2015.


Juvenile Kumlien's spread wing with very pale wingtips. 1 February 2015.



Thayer's Gull at Bluffers Park on 12 January 2015


Kumlien's Gulls on 3 January 2015.