Wingtip Pattern Variation in Adult Thayer's, Kumlien's and Nominate glaucoides

From The Birds of North America (BNA) Online

This illustration by David Beadle shows the range of wingtip pattern variation in adult thayeri, kumlieni, and nominate glaucoides in Definitive Alternate plumage, collected in the breeding range of the Canadian Arctic and western Greenland. It shows the cline from darkest wingtips at top left to palest at bottom right. Map below is included to show most locations of where these wings were collected.

The original specimens are in the following museums: AM - American Museum of Natural History; CM - Canadian Museum of Nature; ROM - Royal Ontario Museum; ZM - Zoological Museum of Copenhagen; NMNH - National Museum of Natural History; MCZ - Museum of Comparative Zoology.


Map of Locations as in Thayer's and Iceland Gull BNA Accounts


Seven regions are used in the BNA accounts. Key colonies and significant locations as discussed within the accounts are marked. The type locality of kumlieni is Cumberland Sound (Region 5), eastern Baffin Island. The type locality of thayeri is Buchanan Bay (Region 2), eastern Ellesmere Island.



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