0R5 Great Black-backed Gull in Barrie, Ontario

Today, 19 November 2016, I was happy that this adult Great Black-backed Gull with leg band 0R5 has returned once again to Minet's Point, Barrie, Ontario. 0R5 is at least 9 years old and has visited Barrie in late fall every year since 2011. "It was banded on 20 May 2011 at Appledore Island, Isle of Shoals, Maine. 0R5 was a nesting adult at the time of banding (four+ years of age)." In the fall/early winter of 2015 it was a regular at Minet's Point.


L William Clark, the researcher in Maine, posted this information on North American Gulls: "0R5 nested summer 2016 on Appledore Island. It will be helpful to know how often 0R5 is observed around Minet's Point to determine if the whole winter is spent there and 0R5 leaves."


0R5 is still in wing molt.  It appears still to be growing Primary 9 and Primary 10. Barrie on 19 November 2016



More information about 0R5 and photo in 2011


Scroll down to see 0R5 in 2015 in Barrie