Two Glaucous Gulls at Rotary Park in Ajax near Toronto

Glaucous 1. This first cycle Glaucous Gull was at the mouth of Duffins Creek in Rotary Park in Ajax on 11 February 2016. It has distinctive dark markings on all the the wing coverts and scapulars, and its bill tip is solid black without a pale tip.


Glaucous 1. Same as above, side view showing plumage markings and all-black tip to bill. 11 February 2016. Now compare with two photos below.


Second Glaucous Gull on 17 February 2016

Glaucous 2. At the same location at the mouth of Duffins Creek was this Glaucous Gull on 17 February 2016. Its bill has a pale tip, compared to the first Glaucous with an all-black bill.


Glaucous 2. In comparison to the first Glaucous it has very worn all-white scapulars. The greater coverts are almost all-white, having very few dark markings. Ajax on 17 February 2016.