More on Pink Ring-billled Gulls at Oshawa Harbour

Here's a beauty at Oshawa Harbour on 3 February 2017. I still wonder what these individuals are eating that is causing the pink flush on these and not all Ring-billed Gulls, or is it just their hormones.


The pink flush compared to regular Ring-billed Gulls. There were only two noticeable ones among about 200 Ring-billed Gulls ar Oshawa on 3 February.


More information

On 6 February at Ashbridges Bay amongst 500 plus Ring-billed Gulls were only two individuals with pink flush. Link to Gray Carlin's eBird Checklist where she has a photo of the bright one.


Link to more information about pink flush on Ring-billed Gulls in 2016:


Link to Ring-billed Gulls with pink flush at Oshawa on 1 February 2017: