Bonaparte's and Ring-billed Gulls at Ashbridges Bay

Several first summer Bonaparte's Gulls are spending the summer around Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. Usually we don't get oversummering Bonaparte's here in Toronto. Rather, they are on Lake Erie and Lake Simcoe where there is a better food source. But high Lake Ontario water levels and flooding at Woodbine Beach, plus there must be food on Lake Ontario, have attracted them. 12 July 2017.


Woodbine Beach early morning is a magnet for gulls. Many are juveniles recently hatched probably at Tommy Thompson Park. 12 July 2017.


This first summer Bonaparte's Gull is molting into second winter (first adult winter) plumage. It's in wing molt.12 July 2017.


First summer Bonaparte's Gull is also molting into its second winter plumage, which is its first adult plumage. 12 July 2017.


Juvenile Ring-billed Gull. On 10 July there were over 200 juveniles, probably from the nearby Tommy Thompson Park colony. Interesting to see how independent they are already.12 July 2017.


Gulls love the flooded beach and it's necessary to check all of them for a rarity. Unfortunately the city is pumping out the lagoon that formed behind the barrier beach. 10 July 2017.