Iceland Gull

Wingtip Variation

These Iceland Gulls  were digiscoped on the Toronto, Ontario,  waterfront of Lake Ontario during the winter of 2003 using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 camera and a Swarovski ST-80HD telescope with 20 x 60 zoom telescope. The variation in wingtip coloration and pattern ranges from white with no pigmentation to blackish with mirrors.

Photo 1. Iceland Gull with white wingtips in Toronto, 14 January 2003.

Photo 2. Iceland Gull with gray wingtips in Toronto, 6 January 2003.

Photo 3. Iceland Gull with dark wingtips in Toronto, 4 January 2003.

Photo 4. Iceland Gulls, one with dark wingtips and one with pale gray wingtips in Toronto, 25 March 2003.

Photo 5. Three Iceland Gulls in Toronto showing wingtip variation from black to pale gray, 6 January 2003.

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