Shorebirds at Blenheim Lagoons

Several hundred shorebirds were in the sprinklers at Blenheim Lagoons on 6 May 2010.  

Male (left) and brightly coloured female Wilson's Phalaropes in alternate plumage. 6 May 2010


A second male Wilson`s Phalarope still with basic scapulars and coverts. 6 May 2010.


The most numerous shorebird was Dunlin.


Possible first alternate Dunlin which has not fully molted into alternate plumage. See retained grey basic feathers and very worn coverts. 6 May 2010.


Lesser Yellowlegs in alternate plumage. 6 May 2010.


Pectoral Sandpiper in alternate plumage. 6 May 2010.


See also Long-billed Dowitchers at Blemheim on 6 May 2010: