Piping Plovers Nesting in Toronto - page 2

Male Piping Plover of the pair nesting on the Toronto Islands. It hatched in 2014 with three siblings on North Manitou Island in Lake Michigan. The female of the pair is the unbanded one of the original trio of Piping Plovers that were on the beach at Hanlans Point. 10 June 2015.


Same male Piping Plover as above with a green spot on an orange band on the upper left leg. 7 June 2015. Thanks to this article about Great Lakes Piping Plovers for quickly obtaining banding information and sharing the news.


While this male Piping Plover was foraging, it watched for predators. Earlier, an adult Peregrine Falcon perched near the foraging female Piping Plover, giving us a scare. 10 June 2015.


The area is closed to give the Piping Plovers a chance. Canadian Wildlife Service, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry acted quickly to rope off the area once breeding was confirmed. Photo 7 June 2015.


Exclosure on all sides including top to protect the nest from predation.


Female unbanded Piping Plover sitting inside the exclosure on 10 June 2015


Wednesday, 10 June, unsettled weather, strong southwest wind struck the beach and drove waves and debris onto shore. We were concerned for the safety of the nest site in the exclosure to the right. Update; Plovers were fine after nasty late afternoon storm.


Waves battered the shoreline and brought down some of the poles of the protective roped-off area. 10 June 2015.


Volunteers Needed. Please click the volunteer button on this website to help monitor the Piping Plovers.


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