Keel-billedToucans, National Bird of Belize

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I thank Barry Griffiths of Quest Nature Tours for the opportunity to lead this tour to Belize and Guatemala. Luis Godoy, our Belizean guide, and Rene our driver and guide, showed us natural and cultural treasures of both countries. Our sharp-eyed energetic group  spotted lots of wildlife.

Black-collared Hawk outside Belize City on 27 January 2009


Bare-throated Tiger-Heron (left) and Tamandua (right) on river near Lamanai Mayan site, 27 January 2009


Lesser Nighthawk (left) on river near Lamanai on 27 January and Cane (Marine) Toad at Black Rock Lodge on 29 January 2009


Wild female Black Howler Monkey with young at Baboon (Black Howler Monkey) Reserve on 28 January 2009. The Reserve is a community agreement of landowners who manage their land to protect Black Howler Monkeys.


Male Vermilion Flycatcher at Baboon Reserve on 28 January 2009


White-lined Bat on bridge supports near Baboon Reserve on 28 January 2009.


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