Keel-billed Toucan is the national bird of Belize


I thank Laurielle Penny of Quest Nature Tours for inviting me to lead this 12-day adventure trip to Belize and Guatemala from 25 February to 8 March 2013. Our Belizian guides, Luis Godoy, Carlos and Hernan did an outstanding job of showing us Belize. Additional local guides enhanced our experiences. We did many nature walks and visited four Mayan sites and two caves. Our Quest group was full of enthusiasm and energy for spotting wildlife.


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Our guides and drivers, three brothers left to right: Carlos, Luis and Hernan Godoy


Cinnamon Hummingbird in the gardens of the Belize Biltmore Hotel on 25 February 2013


We travelled by boat on the New River to the Mayan site of Lamanai. 26 February 2013.


Morelet's Crocodile on the New River. 26 February 2013.


Geoffroy's Spider Monkey came to greet us on the New River.


Anhinga on the bank of the New River.


At Lamanai, some climbed to top of the Mask Temple.


We were impressed by the Bat Falcon nesting near a temple at Lamanai. 26 February 2013.


Quest group exploring Lamanai.


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