Canadian Arctic and Greenland Page 2

160,000 pairs of Thick-billed Murres breed on Coburg Island National Wildlife Area, Nunavut, one of the most important seabird colonies in the Canadian Arctic.


Thick-billed Murres at Coburg Island


Thick-billed Murre chicks jump from cliff ledge accompanied by male parent. Both will swim to the Labrador Sea for the winter. Photo 16 August at Prince Leopold Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Nunavut,  fourth largest seabird colony in the Canadian Arctic.


Two juvenile Black Guillemots in Greenland on 21 August.


Adult white morph Gyrfalcon on Greenland on 21 August. Photos by Jim Scarff.


Adult Ivory Gull at Maxwell Bay on 23 August.


Juvenile Common Ringed Plover at Qaanaaq in Greenland on 20 August.


Snow Bunting at Caswell Tower, Devon Island, on 24 August.


Young Lapland Longspur at Caswell Tower, Devon Island, on 24 August.


Black-legged Kittiwakes at Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, on 22 August.