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Red-billed Tropicbirds are common in Darwin Bay, Genovesa, where they travel in noisy groups. Giant Frigatebirds chase them trying to steal their food. Genovesa is one of the most northerly islands in Galapagos and is in the Northern Hemisphere.13 November 2014.


Galapagos Fur Sea Lions are endemic to Galapagos. They have large eyes and a short snout. They feed mostly at night in deep waters where squid come closer to the surface at night. It's a treat to see them, usually in the shade of the cliffs on Genovesa. 13 November 2014


Our keen Quest group at Darwin Bay, checking everything out.


Red-footed Booby adult (right) and young in Red Mangrove. They breed in bushes and short trees, unlike Nazca Boobies which breed on the ground. Genovesa on 13 November 2014


Female Great Frigatebird on Genovesa where they steal food from the large numbers of boobies and Red-billed Tropicbirds 13 November 2014.


Male Great Frigatebird with red pouch not inflated at this time of year. Genovesa on 13 November 2014.


Yellow-crowned Night -Herons blend in with the lava rock landscape. Genovesa on 13 November 2014.


A pair of Swallow-tailed Gulls just fed their single young chick. The adults are nocturnal feeders, the only gull in the world to be truly nocturnal. Maybe this is an adaptation to avoid harrassment by frigatebirds. Genovesa on 13 November 2014.


Short video of an adult Swallow-tailed Gull and its begging young The young bird in this video is older than the chick in the photo above.


On the designated trail, we walked through the Nazca Booby colony at the top of Prince Philip Steps.


Endemic Galapagos Dove on Genovesa. 13 November 2014.


Endemic Galapagos Mockingbird on Genovesa on 13 November 2014.


Short video of singing Galapagos Mockingbird on Genovesa


Short-eared Owls on Galapagos look much darker than our Short-eared Owls. Large colonies of storm-petrels and shearwaters provide a plentiful supply of food. Genovesa on 13 November 2014.

Short video of Short-eared Owl on Genovesa:


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