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Young Bull-headed Shrike in the garden of Toru Iwata at Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in the summer of 2009.

These photos are posted with Toru Iwata's permission. Scroll down for 3 photos.

The Bull-headed Shrike is the most common shrike in Japan. It is a habitat generalist inhabiting clearings, cultivated fields, urban parks and gardens. Its population is stable. Another Japanese shrike, the Brown Shrike, is declining because it is a habitat specialist. The Loggerhead Shrike is also a habitat specialist and is declining though great efforts are underway to protect its ranchland habitat with cattle grazing on the Carden Alvar in Ontario.


Bull-headed Shrikes nested in Toru Iwata's Takasago City garden in the summer of 2009.


Reference: Pittaway, R. and J. Iron. 2004. Is the Loggerhead Shrike a habitat specialist? OFO News 22(3):16.

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