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Spectacled Owl on Old Gamboa Road on 28 March 2008


Rufous Nightjar on Old Gamboa Road on 28 March 2008. The previous day, we flushed a nighthawk/nightjar, but didn't know what it was. The next day we returned because I thought it could be nesting in the area. There it was. Photo digiscoped from the trail so as not to disturb it.

Slaty-tailed Trogon near Canopy Tower on 28 March 2008


Near Canopy Tower on 29 March, we found a Swainson's Thrush completely enwrapped in sticky seeds. The more it struggled the more entangled it became. We carefully pulled out all the seeds, then released it. It reminded me of burdock seeds that entangle and kill small birds such as kinglets. Our guide said he'd never seen this before. The seeds belonged to a vine.

Closeup of sticky seeds. If you recognize this plant, please email me


Swainson's Thrush ready to be released after we removed the sticky seeds.


Southern Bentbill near Canopy Tower on 29 March 2008


Rufous Motmot near Canopy Tower on 29 March 2008


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