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Peru - Amazon River Cruise and Sacred Valley - page 1

Pier 4 on the Pacific Ocean with La Rosa Nautica, a favourite restaurant. 20 March 2016


Many thanks to Laurielle Penny for inviting me to lead this wonderful trip to Peru with

Worldwide Quest and Quest Nature Tours

I thank all our participants for their enthusiasm, good humour, and fine spotting, which made this trip an exciting adventure.


Inca Terns were displaying to each other on the roof of La Rosa Nautica . Please click to see video


There was a parade of the guards and horses with fine marching music to celebrate Palm Sunday in Lima on 20 March 2016.


Buying fruit at the market in Lima. 20 March 2016


Dinner at La Rosa Nautica, great food and wonderful ambience.


Monkey Island in the Amazon

A visit to Monkey Island Sanctuary, La Isla de los Monos, for injured, rescued, and confiscated monkeys was a highlight. Some of the stories are very sad, but this project gives hope and new life.


Curious gentle monkeys greeted us. They are habituated to people but not restrained. They sleep in the jungle at night and come back to the centre every day. Monkeys that will be released back into the wild are in cages until a safe location in a wildlife reserve is found. They will be fitted with a transmitter so that they can be tracked. To date over 300 monkeys have been rehabilitated. 26 March 2016.


The young orphaned Red Howler on left is also being raised by the foster parent howler on right.


Dusky Titi Monkeys (left) and others are wild, but drop by the centre to check things out.


Young staff with a Red Uakari (left), and I, Jean, hold a Woolly Monkey. I've never held a monkey before. It was gentle with the softest padded paws.


These monkeys have a second chance. It's heart-warming to see the dedication and hard work that goes into the project.


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