Svalbard High Arctic, 9 to 19 July 2008, page 1 of 4

Svalbard is a group of remote islands in the Norwegian High Arctic between 78° and 80° North, far north of mainland Europe. Spitsbergen is the largest island in the archipelago. About 60% of Svalbard is nature reserve. Highlights of our 10 day cruise: Polar Bears, Svalbard Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Walruses, Bearded Seals, Ivory Gulls, Atlantic Puffins, Thick-billed Murres (Brünnich's Guillemots), Black Guillemots, Dovekies (Little Auks), Great Skua, Arctic Terns, and a profusion of Arctic wildflowers. I thank Barry Griffiths of Quest Nature Tours for inviting me to lead Quest's expedition cruise to Svalbard aboard Akademik Sergey Vavilov.


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Endemic Svalbard Reindeer Rangifer tarandus playrhynchus is the smallest reindeer/caribou in the world. Longyearbyen, 9 July.


Walrus at Kapp Lee on Edgeøya on 16 July 2008.

Polar Bear on ice flow near Kapp Lee on 16 July 2008.

Bearded Seal on ice flow in Hornsund on 14 July 2008.