Northwest Passage 2017

Canadian Universities Alumni with Worldwide Quest

22 August to 4 September 2017

Video: Young male Polar Bear at Cape Hay on Devon Island. Here we had three Polar Bears on 27 August 2017.


I thank Laurielle Penny and Justin Peter of Worldwide Quest for choosing me to be on the resource team for this expedition cruise.


Female Polar Bear with two 1.5 year old cubs on Monumental Island on 3 September 2017. It was foggy and raining.


Male Polar Bear on Monumental Island on 3 September 2017. Seven Polar Bears were on the scree slopes. This is a good spot for bears and walruses.


Walrus at Monumental Island on 3 September 2017.



Jaw of a small seal at Dundas Harbour, Devon Island, Nunavut on 25 August 2017


We sailed from the ship to shore in zodiacs. We also cruised to see wildlife.


Russian ice class ship: Sergey Vavilov


One of many icebergs large and small that float in the current down the east side of Baffin Island


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