French Polynesia - Introduced Species

The most common land species we saw in French Polynesia were introduced such as this Chestnut-breasted Munia nesting in the gardens of the InterContinental Hotel in Tahiti. 19 November 2010.


Chestnut-breasted Munia (also called Chestnut-breasted Mannikin) was Introduced 1800s from Australia and New Guinea. Common. Nests in hotel gardens. Left: Juvenile. Right: round nest with hole on side. November 2010.


Silvereye was Introduced in 1939 from New Zealand. Fairly common. Tahiti, 4 December 2010.


Red-vented Bulbul was introduced from India. Moorea, 17 November 2010.


Red-browed Firetail was introduced from Eastern Australia in 1800s. Fairly common. Tahiti, 4 November 2010.


Common Waxbill was introduced to Tahiti from Africa early 1900s. Fairly common. Tahiti, 4 December 2010.


Zebra Dove was Introduced to Tahiti in1950. Common on Tahiti and Moorea, also on the Marquesas Islands. Moorea, 17 November 2010


Common Myna was introduced from India. Abundant. Left: adult, right: juvenile.