Manitoba 2005 Page 1

Franklin's Gulls near Whitewater Lake in southwestern Manitoba on 2 June 2005


Eleanor Beagan and I visited southwestern Manitoba, Oak Hammock Marsh and St. Ambroise between 31 May and 6 June 2005. We stayed at Melita, the grassland bird capital of Manitoba. We also visited Rainy River in Ontario, Scroll down to see seven photos from southwestern Manitoba and a link to Manitoba page 2.


Clay-colored Sparrow near Brandon on 31 May 2005


Yellow-headed Blackbird near Melita on 1 June 2005


Chestnut-collared Longspur near Melita on 1 June 2005


Marbled Godwit near Melita on 1 June 2005


Swainson's Hawk near Whitewater Lake on 2 June 2005

Ferruginous Hawk on nest near Melita on 1 June 2005


Female Common Goldeneye with chicks on 31 May 2005 near Ninette