Red Knots and Other Shorebirds - Page 2

This year the number of adult Red Knots using Longridge was lower than preceding years. Reports from the Canadian Arctic suggest  knots may have had a poor breeding season because of cold weather. Longridge Point, James Bay, 2 August 2012.


Barb Charlton creeping up on Red Knots resting at the tip of Beluga Point. She was looking for flags on the knots in next photo. 23 August 2012.


We saw the first juvenile Red Knot on 12 August and by late August the flocks were mostly juveniles as in the above photo on 23 August 2012.


Adult Hudsonian Godwits fatten and molt at Longridge Point before migrating to South America. 10 August 2012

See video link:


White-rumped Sandpipers were the most numerous shorebird at Longridge with a high count of on 10,288 on 21 August 2012.

Video link of White-rumps feeding


Juvenile Ruddy Turnstone on 30 August 2012


Juvenile Sanderling above. See Sanderlings and a juvenile Bonaparte's Gull feeding on 28 August 2012.



Gray morph juvenile Baird's Sandpiper on 28 August 2012


Juvenile Semipalmated Plovers on 28 August 2012


Juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper on 28 August 2012. See video


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