Bears, Butterflies, Birds and More - Page 4

Female Black Bear with cub on 28 August 2012. Black Bears were common along the coast and on the ridge near camp. They were curious and did not bother us.


Common Buckeye on 10 August 2012. Andrew Keaveney found the first on 5 August 2012.


A natural annual occurrence, dead Moon Jellyfish washed up in large numbers, the high being 438 on about a 2 km length of beach on 28 August 2012.


This rare dark morph Red Fox is called Silver Fox. It visited camp several times and was very tame. 8 August 2012.


Present for the length of our stay at Longridge, this Snowy Owl showed up in varied habitats from the tip of Longridge to the flowering coastal meadows where it searched for food. We thought it was preying on the abundance of Savannah Sparrows, shorebirds and possibly ducks. 30 August 2012.


Meadow Jumping Mouse found by Barb Charlton at the high tide mark on 1 August 2012.


Eastern Gartersnake with red sides found near Longridge Point by Mark Dodds on 28 August 2012. Photo by Donnell Gasbarrini.


Minnie Sutherland watched a juvenile Merlin as it rested after chasing shorebirds on 27 August 2012.


Close-up of same juvenile Merlin. Daily we sighted Merlins on the coast. 27 August 2012;


Juvenile Sabine's Gull (right) found by Ross Wood on 30 August 2012.


Video of Bonaparte's Gulls feeding at Longridge:


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