Other Birds, Wildlife and Butterflies

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Common Mergansers were molting in the estuary.


Juvenile Merlin in White Spruce 150 metres behind camp. It was very vocal with an adult nearby. Merlins hunted the shorebirds. July 28.


Nelson's Sparrows (subspecies alter) were common in the sedge marsh between camp and the high tide mark. They sang from favourite perches even on the windiest days. This sedge marsh continued south along the coast, generally above the high tide mark.


Sandhill Cranes were common with a high count of 51 on 26 July.


Gartersnake at camp on 18 July. Many people are surprised that Gartersnakes are found so far north.


This yellowish ``Hudson Bay`` American Toad was around camp. They are usually more richly coloured.


Northern Pike (dead) in Mare`s-Tail. 26 July.


Silver-bordered Fritillary on 19 July. Thanks to Allen Woodliffe and Justin Peter for identification.


Viceroy Limenitis archippus and Old World Swallowtail Papilio machaon on Scotch Lovage on 22 July.


Long Dash Polites mystic landed on my binoculars on 20 July. Common Ringlet Coenonympha tullia was the most abundant butterfly.


The entry to our camp.


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