Mediterranean Gull at Llanelli Wetland Centre in Wales

This Mediterranean Gull in second summer plumage strutted up and down in the Black-headed Gull colony at Llanellli Wetland Centre in Wales. It's not breeding this year. Its hood isn't completely black, having many white speckles, and there is black in the primary tips. 12 July 2018.


VIDEO: Black-headed Gull strutting about at Llanelli

It displayed to juvenile Black-headed Gulls, which must have wondered what was happening. It's not old enough to breed this year, but maybe it was practising for next year when it will be old enough. 12 July 2018.


Its behaviour was interesting to watch as it appeared quite bossy amongst all the young gulls.


At this location last year on 21 June 2018, Helen Jones and I watched two adults and another Mediterranean Gull displaying to each other.


Link: Med Gulls at Llanelli Wetland Centre in June 2017