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About 3000 Woodland Caribou spent several days around our camp in Polar Bear Provincial Park. Julie and I were having lunch at the Hudson Bay coast when a fraction of the main herd passed very close to us. 8 July 2012.


Most caribou in the herd were females and many had calves born in late May or early June. Females shed their antlers soon after calving. 7 July 2012


Very curious, the Caribou stared and sometimes came close to check us out. 2 July 2012


There were only a few adult males with large dark growing antlers. Adult bulls begin growing antlers in March and finish growing in August/September. Most mature males shed their antlers after the rut in October, but some young males keep them into January. 2 July 2012.


We were excited to see a Gray Wolf following the Caribou herd. 8 July 2012.


Most days this Red Fox came to camp and showed no fear. Its den was about 1 km away. 3 July 2012.


We saw this Polar Bear on 16 and 17 July 2012. It rested about 700 metres from camp, possibly because it had just come off the melting ice on Hudson Bay. Ontario has the most southerly population of Polar Bears in the world, which led to the establishment of Polar Bear Provincial Park to give bears a safe place to rest in summer and as a winter denning area for females to give birth to cubs. 17 July 2012.


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