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Male Willow Ptarmigan with Northern Hedysarum and White Mountain Avens near camp on 5 July 2012.


Female Willow Ptarmigan at camp on 26 June 2012.


Smith's Longspurs were common on dry tundra ridges between camp and the coast. 28 June 2012.


Red-throated Loon (under arrow) on nest near Herring Gulls. We remained at a distance not to flush the loon and risk egg predation by the gulls. 9 July 2012


Pacific Loon at nest. We did not approach too closely to keep it on the nest. 12 July 2012


Many White-crowned Sparrows showed characters of the Gambel's subspecies - pale lores and yellow-orange bills. 14 July 2012.


Intergrade with both pale and dark in supraloral area. Ontario's tundra is the zone of intergradation between eastern nominate subspecies leucophrys and central Gambel's. See 6th Edition of National Geographic Guide (2011). 7 July 2012.


Juvenile Northern Shrike on electric fence around camp to keep out Polar Bears. It hawked dragonflies and agitated small passerines on 15 July 2012.


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